We inspire and enable our children to reach their full potential by providing a rigorous education combining academic excellence, an arts-integrated curriculum and a strong Catholic foundation.
VISION 2012-2018
To be universally recognized as a top elementary school in Chicago

To achieve this, we focus on the development of the whole child - mind, body, spirit - through engagement in: 
  • An academically rigorous arts-integrative curriculum
  • Strong catholic formation in a caring and supportive community 
  • High quality extra-curricular activities including arts programming and athletics 
  • Innovative uses of technology in learning 
  • Development and retention of high-performance teachers 
This happens in an environment that continuously seeks to maintain and upgrade the quality of our finances and facilities.
It is important that our students know that the square root of eighty-one, the characteristics of a nimbus cloud, and the elements of a good paragraph, but that is not enough. At AACA, we nurture students to become critical thinkers, persistent problem-solvers, passionate artists, and thoughtful members of a community.
Toward this end, AACA seeks to educate the whole child by providing an education experience built on three pillars:

We work diligently to ensure that we prepare our children to gain entry to and thrive in a college preparatory high school, as well as lay the groundwork for a college education and beyond. In addition, we work tirelessly to construct an educational experience that not only prepares students for their formal education, but also awakens a love and joy of learning.

To support our students on this journey, we utilize the arts as a pathway for learning. An AACA education includes both art classes and arts integration into our core subjects. AACA has made a tremendous investment in building a sophisticated arts program. The result is clear: the arts inspire our children to embrace school while expanding their depth and breadth of understanding of core subject matter. In addition to its academic value, the arts teach children to appreciate a multitude of perspectives. As Elliott Eisner stated so well, the “arts teach children that problems can have more than one answer.”  
We recognize that we cannot develop intellectual and creative capacity in a vacuum. We must provide a platform for our students to become responsible and socially aware citizens, so that they make use of their intellectual and creative gifts to make wise choices within their communities. With this in mind, we wrap our students in the warm, welcoming safety net of our Catholic faith community, while we teach them the process of community building.
In order to engage students to realize their dreams, we must engage their teachers in continuous learning as well. This tenant of our program provides teachers with the tools to light fires for our students.
For inquiries into our academic, arts or religious education programs, as well as admissions questions, please contact Lisa Pilcher, Director of Admissions at  at lpilcher@alphonsusacademy.org.