• Class of 2024

    AACA CLASS OF 2024



    AACA strives to ensure that both parents and students are well-informed about the many options for high school education that exist in the city of Chicago and nearby suburbs.  We provide a planned program of student support to guide their decision-making process as they select high schools to explore.

    Historically, about 60 percent of our students attend Catholic high school, and the remaining 40 percent primarily attend Chicago Public Schools or private schools. Over the past several years, 95 percent of our students were accepted to their first or second choice high school. Impressively, 100% of the class of 2024 received acceptance to their first choice Catholic school!

    While AACA first and foremost supports Catholic high schools and actively promotes these, public and private options are shared with families to encourage a full range of exploration of schools to find the right fit.

    3 Key Components of our High School Readiness Program

    1. Take personal stock:  This process is parent- and student-driven.  High school decision making should be based on many criteria - academics, social setting, finances, location, student's interests, etc.
    2. Academic readiness:  Classroom academic development and preparation of students for high school (entrance exam prep, time management, curriculum development, test scores and grades).
    3. AACA support:  High School Placement Counselor to help guide parents and students through the process