At AACA, our students engage in religion as an academic subject; learning prayers, sacraments, scripture, history, and traditions of the Church while being provided the opportunity to grow in their faith and learn what it means to live as a Catholic in today’s world.  
    The program of religious education is led by a Religious Education Coordinator who acts as a resource and support for teachers as they lesson plan, and navigate the Religion curriculum.  The Coordinator is available to teach specific lessons, organize religious field trips and come into classrooms as invited by teachers. 
    To connect with Emily Ember, Coordinator of Religious Education & Evangelization, please call the St. Alphonsus Rectory at 773-525-0709. 
    At AACA, we work in cooperation with the St. Alphonsus parish to prepare students for the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.  AACA families wishing to have their children prepared for these sacraments are invited to join in the parish preparation. 
    Each of our preparation programs includes family participation, parish activities, Sunday mass attendance and classroom instruction. Students at AACA are prepared for each sacrament during the school day but outside participation retreats, Sunday mass,etc. are expected. Full information about these programs is available on the St. Alphonsus Church website.
    Students in first through eighth grade attend mass once a week and on Holy Days; with Kindergarten beginning after the Christmas Holiday break.  Younger students are paired with mass buddies to make attending mass a communal and reverent time in our week.  Religious education also takes place in the classroom.