Our preschool program uses a play-based, theme-driven approach to learning.  We believe that a child's play is their work and that children learn best by experiencing their world through all of their senses. Academics such as literacy, math, and science are incorporated into the daily routine through a variety of developmentally appropriate practices and "hands-on" activities which connect to our themes.
    The AACA Catholic faith community provides our students with a warm, welcoming safety net.  Our program is influenced by the Responsive Classroom approach, the Positive Discipline work of Jane Nelson, and Playworks.  In addition to classroom time, preschool students attend specials classes such as Art, Music, Drama, Spanish, and Physical Education.  It is our goal for each child to build a sense of belonging in a mutually respectful classroom environment. 
    • 3 Day AM 3 Year Old Class
      • Meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11am
      • Class Size: 1 class with 15 - 16 students 
    • 5 Day AM 3 & 4 Year Old Class - Meets from 8-11am
      • Class Size: 1 class with 18 students
    • 5 Day Full 3 & 4 Year Old Class
      • Meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am-3pm and Wednesday from 8-1:45pm
      • Class Size: 3 classes with 18 students each