For more information on giving to AACA, please contact Chief Advancement Officer, Mandy Moody at mmoody@alphonsusacademy.org or 773-348-4629 ext. 151. 

    Each family is required to raise $500 in fundraising dollars for the school through Rocket Run and/or Rocket Raffle. Families are encouraged to raise beyond the minimum requirement, but amounts raised over $500 may not be carried over to the following academic year.  While we prefer that families participate in fundraising activities, families choosing not to participate may opt to pay for the fundraising up front for the amount of $500. Families who choose to fundraise, but do not raise the required $500 amount will be charged the difference at the end of June.


    Each family is required to perform 20 hours of service within the school community.  Families of students participating in athletics are required to perform an additional 8 hours of service within the athletic program. The service hours may be carried out by anyone in the family (parent, grandparent, caregiver, etc.). Families are responsible for recording all service hours at www.alphonsusacademy.org/recordhours. Required service hours must be reported by June 1.  Any service hours that will be completed after June 1, should be entered prior to June 1 to count toward the family total.

    Note: This program is changing for 2018-19 as described above. Families will not be billed for volunteer hours at the beginning of the year. Families will be billed $25 for every hour not completed for that school year in June of each year.