The Theatre & Drama program focuses on the collaborative process of creating dramatic and theatrical arts. At each grade level, essential concepts and skills are presented and practiced, allowing for a cohesive and comprehensive program for all ages of learners. Academically, the theatre and drama curriculum is based on the leading national standards for theatre arts education. Additionally, dramatic arts are integrated across multiple content areas to support classroom learning in math, science, history, technology, physical education, social studies, and language arts.
    Our goal is that students will understand that artists are vital members of society who offer reflection and foster communication among communities.  The skills practiced in drama class are essential to healthy social and emotional development. The blackbox studio theater offers a place to implement emerging skills independently and collaboratively. These include listening skills, team-building and inclusion, creative-thinking, creative problem-solving, self-regulation, risk-taking, communication skills, the building of self-confidence, and the tools to instill curious, lifelong learning of world cultures.
    This is done in the following ways: 
    • Active team-building in classroom imagination and performance exercises
    • Exposure to arts media to compare and incorporate dramatic and other art forms    
    • Analyzing and evaluating scenes and scripts to construct meanings that are important in our daily lives
    • Exploring storytelling and theatre history from around the world
    • Designing, writing, and starring in final classroom productions 
    It’s our goal that the Theatre and Drama program supports student artists in academic, social, and emotional growth and inspires healthy, happy, and successful learners.