Art is offered twice a week, for one semester, 30 minutes per day for K-3 students and 45 minutes per day for 4-8 students.  Students learn through fun art-integrated lessons that not only connect to academic content, but are also applied to their learning outside the classroom.  All of the art lessons are carefully planned with the classroom teacher and other special teachers in other to integrate the concepts that are being taught in the classroom. Every art piece created by students has a meaningful story behind it that takes a student on a learning journey that provides the student with an interconnected knowledge.
    In Art, students construct their own meanings for the art they make and they learn through the process and execution. Students also use a broad range of forms, styles and genres that include the traditional arts of drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, architecture, commercial art and fine crafts.  Through experimenting with various art techniques, students will deepen their awareness and appreciation of diverse perspectives. Students will use art as a vehicle to learn, perceive, interpret, organize, and to question various aspects of our world.  Art will help students identify common values, increase their understanding of others, celebrate each other differences and to develop students’ own aesthetic style.