Music class at AACA aims to foster opportunities for students to fulfill the innate desire for creative outlet through artistic expression and musical exploration. Through singing, playing instruments, movement, and guided listening, students develop the language to describe what they hear and articulate their own discoveries in sound. As music is closely tied to language, connections with speech, science, literature, and history are made throughout the learning process. Music is meant to be experienced through listening, performing, and creating. An experiential approach to music through play provides the foundation for later exploration, imitation, improvisation, and creation.

    The music room provides an inclusive environment for us all to learn and grow together through music. It is versatile as students ranging from 3 to 14 years old use the space on a daily basis. Additionally, the shelves along the wall contain Orff-Schulwerk glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones; soprano & alto recorders; hand drums; as well as a variety of other un-pitched percussion instruments to provide a variety of color to student musical performances and compositions.

    Technology plays a large role in the music room and each lesson integrates technology to enhance student learning, creative freedom, and comprehension. The Promethean smart board is used daily to visually organize key ideas and engage students in interactive musical examples. A MIDI keyboard and microphone further enable us to use iPad and laptop software to compose, arrange, record, and edit music in all grade levels.