The Physical Education program at Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts focuses on students to learn a variety of life skills, behavioral skills, social skills, and knowledge to become lifelong movers. Physical Education correlates directly to the overall wellness of children (physical, mental/emotional, and social health) making students more receptive to learning. Classes are based on fun activities with the primary focus of learning.  Activities found in the classroom can be traditional and nontraditional games to engage all interests.  The program believes every student has the ability to be successful socially, physically, and mentally from his or her participation in Physical Education class.  The program believes that the learning of various skills increases the probability of the child to be active into their adult lives.  It is important to be exposed to knowledge in regards to healthy living with activity to ensure children make a positive impact on their lifestyle choices.  From Preschool, we work on fundamental motor skills (locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative) skills, and when students reach middle school a greater focus is to take those skills and incorporate them into team sports  The goals and objectives in this curriculum fit and have been selected to go according to the National and State standards.
    The Health program at Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts focuses on motivating students to maintain and improve their overall health for a lifetime. The school Health education program is provided for grades 4-8 addressing the importance of wellness, which includes physical, mental/emotional, and family/social components of health.  The curriculum provides areas of content for personal health, family health, community health, mental and emotional health, injury prevention and safety, nutrition, prevention and control of disease, and prevention of substance use and abuse.  Furthermore, the health curriculum focuses on health skills such as communication, decision making, and goal setting.  The goals and objectives in this curriculum fit and are selected to follow the National and State Standards.