7th GRADE
    • Attend individual meetings with Mrs. Grady, Ms. Key and/or Ms. Demavivas to set goals for academic marks/grades
    • Set goals for academic improvement
    • Attend virtual or in-person open houses, visit the school's website, sign up for social media accounts of high school
    • Stay healthy and strong!  Come to school every day and work your hardest. Put forth your BEST effort.
    • Begin to gather information about top schools of interest (school websites) and understand the various programs and qualifications of each school of interest. What sets these schools apart from others?
    • Attend a Catholic high school shadow day in the spring 
    • Attend "Rockets Return: AACA graduates come back" in the spring

    8th GRADE

    • Participate in high school planning meetings with parents, 8th-grade teachers and Mrs. Grady to review schools of interest and criteria necessary for entrance. Meetings to focus on the following: a review of 7th-grade grades, iReady test scores, and high school choices of where to apply.
    • Continue to attend Open Houses and other high school events.
    • Attend a High School Fair if you haven't already.
    • Stay healthy and strong! – come to school every day and work your hardest. Put forth your BEST effort.  Catholic and private high schools require your first trimester grades, so don't slack off
    • Attend shadow dates (virtual or in-person) if they are available, in the fall of your 8th-grade year
    • Prepare for catholic school admissions exam with UMs teachers in Nov/Dec
    • Sit for the Catholic High School Admissions Test (HSPT) on the first Saturday of December.
    • Complete CPS application by the early December deadline.
    • Fill out an application for Catholic and/or private high school

    Check out 8th grade application details for more info.