• You may take the Catholic high school entrance exam (HSPT) at only ONE high school. 8th graders should take the test at the school in which they are most interested.  That is why we encourage shadow dates and going to events or open houses to check out these schools.
    • The high school entrance exam (HSPT) is the first Saturday in the month of December 
    • Go to the high school website to register and for details about the location of the test, the fee, what to bring, etc.
    • Very few schools allow you to transfer your scores to another Catholic high school if you are NOT accepted to your first choice.  Some Catholic high schools will not accept transferred test scores because of their competitive status (Loyola, St. Ignatius, DePaul). If you wish to apply to these schools, you MUST take the entrance exam at their school.
    • Acceptance letters will be mailed out at the beginning of January (some even sooner).  
    • The best chance at obtaining financial aid and scholarships come from the school where you take the test.  This process often begins prior to taking the test.
    • If your child has an IEP, an evaluation, or a diagnosis and needs accommodations for the entrance exam, please check with the school to find out when this paperwork is due (typically early November).

    Catholic High Schools make their acceptance decision based on the following criteria:

    • 7th-grade grades/marks and first trimester of 8th grade (the entire report card is sent to the high school)
    • 7th-grade iReady results 
    • Entrance Exam (HSPT)
    • Strong attendance in 7th grade and 1st half of 8th grade
    • Acceptable tardy record
    • Strong participation and good conduct reports
    • Some narratives from the parents and students may be required

    Certain high schools weigh their entrance exam scores or other criteria heavier than others. Open Houses, attending events or individual conversations with high school admissions staff are two great resources for knowing what specific schools are looking for in a student.  As always, consider, is it the right "fit" for your child?