There are many types of CPS High Schools.  Please visit the High School Options Page to view the various types.  Selective enrollment (SE) high schools are just one type of CPS high school.  These provide academically advanced students with a challenging and enriched college preparatory experience. Each of the SE high schools offers a rigorous curriculum with mainly honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Teachers expect students to be self-driven and highly engaged with their studies.  
    CPS SE schools are extremely competitive to get into.  Students typically need all As and test scores in the high 90s.  
    Applicants should learn everything they can about the competitive nature at each of the Selective Enrollment High Schools so that realistic and sound decisions are made as to where to apply.  
    • There is ONE application for CPS schools as well as ONE entrance exam for all CPS high schools. You may rank up to 20 CPS choices, including 6 Selective Enrollment High Schools.
    • The application is done through goCPS
    • Registration for the CPS high school admissions test will be in the fall.  At this time, you will be given instructions on how to create a GoCPS account.
    • Applicants must take the admissions test (Fall or Winter) in order to be considered for admission to a CPS high school.  Select a test site where you would like for the student to be assigned to test. (The choice of site does not affect final selection.) 
    • Acceptance is based on a 900-point system.  Once the points are finalized, there is a tier system that determines if the student falls within the acceptance range from the previous year.  
      • 7th-grade cumulative grades (year-end) in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies: 450 points 
      • CPS entrance exam: 450 points  
    • Applicants who have been selected for admission will be notified through their GoCPS account.