Rocket athletes are recognized for their accomplishments at the conclusion of each season.  An Evite will be sent to all participants a month before the event to RSVP.

    Awards and medals are given to all student athletes for program participation at our Athletic Banquet.  Each of the student athletes will receive a medallion recognizing their participation on the team.  In addition, three players per team will be recognized during your team's presentation for individual awards.

    • Sportsmanship Award:  Give to player for each sport/team, these player represent respect for oneself, one's team and his/her competitors.  He/she always has a positive attitude, no matter the situation, day or outcome.  He/She always makes the extra effort to celebrate other player's success and lift up a player when they are down.
    • Most Improved Award:  Give to player for each sport/team, these players have shown the most growth and development throughout the season.  This player's individual skills, confidence, and understanding of the game have grown.
    • Honored the Game Award:  Give to player for each sport/team, these players have gone above and beyond in honoring the game.  He/She is always giving their best, always pushing to become a better skilled player and team player.  He/She raises the level of the other player on the court; although not necessarily the most skilled player, they bring the most to the field/court day in and day out.

    Towards the end of the season, players will have the opportunity to vote for their teammates who will receive these awards.

    Given to one 8th grade boy and/or one 8th grade girl in recognition of their athletic participation throughout their career at AACA.  These students show enthusiasm by trying multiple sports and dedication in attending countless practices.  These student-athletes represent the best of AACA Athletics and the spirit of "being a Rocket" both on and off the court.  Student athletes will receive an application in March - April to be nominated for this award.  The decision process is a compilation of input from multiple adults involved in the AACA Athletic program.

    Each student is presented with an individual plaque, and his and/or her name is added to the Rocket Award banner that hangs in the AACA gym.  2010 was the inaugural year for this award.