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    March 2017 Update: We're two-thirds to our goal and need your support to finish strong! Click here to donate online and help us fund the remainder of our campaign to create The Invention Studio.
    February 2017 Update: We've reached half of our $150,000 goal! Thank you to all those who made contributions while at Art & Soul '17!  
    Together, let's fund the development and creation of The Invention Studio, a technology studio that will ignite the imaginations of all Alphonsus Academy students, preschool through eighth grade. The project will transform the current, outdated tech lab into a place where students of all ages will find their passions as they investigate, create, innovate, and discover.
    The Invention Studio will be a space where faculty utilizes the arts to engage students in becoming confident, creative, analytical, reflective, and critical thinkers through the integration of effective technology to enhance our learning environment. 

    The space will encourage our learners to be fearless inventors who take risks; where failures are celebrated as brave attempts to ideate and innovate. Inventors can be artists, crafters, seamstresses, builders, programmers, engineers, painters, tinkerers, graphic designers and more.

    The studio will be as unique as our Alphonsus Academy culture. The design will be futuristic, creative, and artistic. The room will be flexible and functional for both large and small groups. It will feature two mini-studios, ideal for producing video and audio projects which complement our students' core subject studies.
    Over the past five years, our community has contributed nearly $500,000 to our fund-in-need projects and our school is thriving because of these generous, dedicated donors. As we continue to grow and improve our campus, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to invest in the creation of The Invention Studio, to build a space to further the incredible opportunities our students have at Alphonsus Academy to invent and ignite their passion for learning.

    If you are passionate about ensuring we continue to invest in our school, we invite you to make a contribution to the creation of The Invention Studio.
    If you're curious to learn more about our Rockets Renovate project or would like a tour of the future space, please reach out to Mandy Moody, Chief Advancement Officer to be put in touch with the best person to address your questions.

    Ariel view
    An ariel view of the new Invention Studio shows two enclosed mini-studios, large- and small-group workspaces, and modular furniture

    Ariel view
    A view from the third-floor landing into the new, enclosed mini-studio that will allow students of all ages to create audio/visual projects to complement their core subject matter studies using innovative and engaging technology.

    A look inside the invention studio
    A look inside the Invention Studio, a space that will encourage our learners to be fearless inventors who take risks; where failures are celebrated as brave attempts to ideate and innovate