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    During the month of August before school starts, Chicago Prep opens a pop-up fitting store in the Tots room at AACA. Come with your child so they can be fitted for both dress and gym uniforms.
    Once fitted, you can place your uniform order on the Chicago Prep website either at school from your own phone/device or take notes and do it from home.
    Orders for in stock items can be picked up in the AACA Tots room on the next business day.  Back-orders do occur, so please shop early.  Items that are back-ordered will be delivered as soon as they become in stock.  Plaid has an especially long lead time, so pre-orders in the spring or early summer are recommended.
    During the school year, orders placed by Wednesday are delivered to your child’s classroom on Friday morning.  To order uniforms online through Chicago Prep Outfitters, click here
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    Please consult the Parent-Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with the uniform guidelines.