Playworks Parents (formerly called Kindness Club) is our volunteer program that helps provide support to faculty at lunch and recess.  
    Cafeteria duties may include (FYI - there will always be a staff member present as well)
    • helping kids open packaging (mainly the younger kids)
    • encouraging kids to eat (especially their healthy foods before their dessert!)
    • reminding kids of behavior expectations (rules and expectations are posted in the cafeteria)
    • occasionally helping pass out hot lunch sides (ketchup, syrup, soup, etc.)
    • giving permission for kids to go the the bathroom

    Recess duties include (FYI - there are always at least 3 staff members present)

    • playing games with the kids
    • making sure all kids are participating 
    • modeling positive behavior (high fives, "way to go", "nice job")
    • reminding kids to use conflict resolution (ro sham bo - aka rock paper scissors)
    • assisting with injuries (school nurse is always available during recess hours)