Counseling services at AACA consist of the following:
    • Individual meetings with students.  The sessions are 15-20 minutes and are usually once a week for a defined period.  Students can be referred by the teacher or parent or be self-referred when there are concerns about the student's ability to manage their emotions or social skills.
    • Observations of students in the classroom to identify possible reasons for behavior and development of a behavior intervention plan in consultation with the teachers.
    • Facilitated conflict resolution meetings with students that have a conflict.
    • Group sessions with a small number of students.  An example is a new student group for students that have transferred to AACA.
    • Counseling lessons in the classroom.  Examples include bullying, emotion identification/regulation, empathy, problem-solving, etc.
    • Consultation with outside therapists to ensure that counseling goals for students are aligned and feedback is ensured.
    • Parent education and consultation on social emotional issues.

    Erin Rowell, School Counselor
    Rachel Popa, School Counselor


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