We are sincerely thankful and offer our sincere gratitude to the following donors for their early support of our Rockets Renovate project to create the Invention Studio. If you would like to join this generous group of donors, please click here to learn more about Rockets Renovate and contribute online here.
    If you've already made a contribution and are able to increase the impact of your gift with a matching donation, please visit our searchable database of matching gift companies, here.
    Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Kirsten Barkley
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Nancy Bein
    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Ashley Bellaire
    Mr. David Birks and Ms. Erin Bartholomy
    Mr. & Mrs. Sean and Holly Birtch
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Jaclyn Boras
    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Lauren Bozzelli
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Natalia Bradley
    Mr. & Mrs. Jon and Julie Cartwright
    Mr. & Mrs. Zachary and Melissa Clark
    Mr. & Mrs. Marty and Carrie Collins
    Mr. & Mrs. Caspar and Lauren de Wijkerslooth
    Mr. & Mrs. Abel and Connie Del Toral
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Megan Devaney
    Dr. & Mrs. Daniel and Stacy Dilling
    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Margaret Dolan
    Mr. & Mrs. Alan and Lisa Dooley
    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Jennifer Fardy
    Dr. Thomas Figler and Dr. Jan Jeske
    Mr. & Mrs. John and Kimberly Flanagan
    Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Kimberly Froning
    Mr. & Mrs. Martin and Elizabeth Good
    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond and Elizabeth Grady
    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Sarah Hammett
    Mr. & Mrs. Joshua and Justine Hanna
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Kristi Hoff
    Mr. & Mrs. David and Sharon Horos
    Ms. Kelly Jones
    Mr. & Mrs. David and Nichole Kerber
    Mr. & Mrs. Ross and Erin Kerr
    Mr. Joseph Kline and Ms. Melissa Manning
    Mr. & Mrs. Judd and Carla Larned
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Stacy Lenzie
    Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Julia Leonard
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Jahna Lindsay-Jones
    Mr. & Mr. Todd and Ali Linehan
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Courtney Magliochetti
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve McCullough
    Mr. Chad McRoberts and Ms. Kara Gibney
    Mr. Todd Morgan and Ms. Pauline Fijalkiewicz
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Denise Mueller
    Mr. Scott Mulcahy and Ms. Cynthia Safford
    Mr. & Mrs. Erik and Paige Nejman
    Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Stephanie Newton
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Laura Nocera
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Katey Perkaus
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Kathleen Perreault
    Mr. & Mrs. David and Melissa Powers
    Mr. Andrew Ray and Ms. Sara Buchen-Ray
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Emily Rhomberg
    Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Jennifer Ruff
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Suzanne Ryan
    Sage Foundation
    Mr. & Mrs. Derek and Jessica Schnack
    Mr. Jim Siwek and Ms. Maureen O'Malley
    Mr. Stephen Smith and Ms. Angela Soliz
    Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Dana Stalilionis
    Mr. & Mrs. Tristan and Erika Thomas
    Mr. & Mrs. John and Amanda Turnbull
    Mr. Scott Vanderbeek
    Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Megan Weber
    Mr. & Mrs. James and Rebecca West
    Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Sara Woll
    Mr. Patrick Zann and Ms. Trina Andrews 
    *Donors as of May 5, 2017