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    From classroom coordinators to advisory board members and everything in between, every member of the AACA parent community contributes in some way to the growth of our school. 
    Our parents are dedicated, committed, and enthusiastic supporters of the AACA mission.  We are grateful to be in partnership with you every day as we educate your children. 
    At AACA, parent involvement is pervasive and it revolves around a culture of pitching in.  Parents and guardians of all AACA students are invited to join our Mothers' or Fathers' Club.  Both groups meet socially and serve to bolster the community of AACA. 
    Mothers' Club President: Holly Birtch, hollytalbot@yahoo.com
    Click here to learn more about Fathers' Club
    Fathers' Club Co-President: Desmond Fernando, dpfernandoaaca@gmail.com
    Fathers' Club Co-President: Brian Clifford, brcliffordaaca@gmail.com
    Additionally, you might consider joining our Playworks Parents volunteers.   These volunteers help out in the lunch room and on the playground.  Commit once monthly for a rewarding way to watch your children interact with their friends!  Please contact Val Grondy at vgrondy@alphonsusacademy.org if you have questions about Playworks Parents.  Click here to sign up for Playworks Parents duty