Technology will support, enhance, and transform the teaching and learning environment at Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts and align with the mission and vision of AACA.  We will strive to integrate effective technologies into our curriculum to maximize achievement in order to succeed in a rapidly changing society.



    • In order to reach and teach today’s children, we need to engage them in the purposeful use of technology
    • Technology opens doors to our world, encouraging all to look globally at people, solutions and ideas
    • Technology should not be used for technology’s sake; the only question that matters:  “How will technology improve student learning?”
    • Technology is a key tool in any AACA teacher’s toolbox
    • Technology fosters greater collaboration and innovation that leads to powerful thinking
    • Technology inspires student’s curiosity and equips them to pursue ideas, solutions, and expressions of their thinking in new and innovative ways
    • The use of technology in AACA classrooms is not a matter of ‘if and when’ but rather a matter of ‘when and in what way’


    We are proud to offer the following innovative learning experiences for our students:
    • Digital Arts, a technology-based arts elective where students use technology to create art.  Check out our work at digitalarts.io
    • the STEAMteam (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math through exploration and making) club!  Students have opportunities to make, learn, and fix technology in this unique club.
    • A one-to-one laptop program utilizing Chromebooks in 7th and 8th grade.  Each student receives their own laptop to use in their classes from the school.  In 4th, 5th and 6th grades, we have over 65 Chromebooks available for student use.
    • Promethean Boards (interactive whiteboards) in every classroom
    • Over 70 iPads throughout the school
    • a SMARTtable (interactive table) in our early childhood program
    • a 3D printer for students to design and print their own 'things'!

    We also use technology to help us teach better.  We use:
    • MasteryConnect to support our standards-based grading practice
    • Schoolzilla to visualize and analyze data to help us continue to improve our practice


    Parent Workshops

    Tech for Learning at Home

    • Rosetta Stone Kids Reading
    • Starfall Letters
    • Starfall Learn to Read
    • Writing Wizard
    • Dreambox
    • TenMarks Math
    • Motion Math
    • Garage Band
    • iMovie
    • Stack the States
    • BuzzMath
    • Khan Academy
    • Typing Club


    • Tom Newman, Assistant Principal
    • Matt Lane, School Board President - Technology
    • David Messer, Director of Technology
    • Sami Dubiel, 1st Grade Teacher
    • Katie Key, Middle School Teacher
    • Elizabeth Pridgen, Learning Specialist