Preschool -  8th grade students are welcome to participate in our extended-day program. Our program extends the school day both in the morning and afternoon following the school's calendar. Our Before School session begins at 7:00 a.m. until the school day begins. The After School session begins immediately following the school day and runs until 6:00 p.m. The school calendar will always reflect any variances to this schedule, or parents can reference this schedule.
    Please contact Kim Wallett, kwallett@alphonsusacademy.org, about 2024-25 Extended Day Registration.
    There is NO registration fee for the Before School program. Before School fees are $7.00 per day per child.
    Registration for After School is $100 per child. Registration forms can be provided to you via email or a hard copy sent to you. The $100 registration fee must accompany the registration form in order to complete the registration process. 
    EXTENDED DAY RATES FOR 2023-2024 (subject to change)
    • Annual Supply Fee: $100 Per Child
    • Before School Daily Rates: $7 Per Child
    • After School Rates
      • One Child | $20 Daily | $90 Weekly
      • Two Children | $30 Daily | $125 Weekly
      • Three+ Children | $35 Daily | $160 Weekly

    During After School Care students will enjoy:
    • Free Play - Students will have the opportunity to play outside in our large outdoor play areas. If inclement weather prevents us from going outside, students will remain indoors.

    • Homework - Students are encouraged to work on/complete their homework.

    • Computers - Students have the opportunity to access computers to work on their homework. Students will also have access to computers to play age-appropriate computer games. 

    • Snacks - Students are served a nut-free snack each day. Students are also welcome to bring a nut-free snack from home if they wish. Students should always bring a water bottle with them and it will be filled as necessary.

    Before School sessions are held in our school's lower level (cafeteria). After School sessions are held in the same space as well as outside on the playground, sports court, and blacktop areas, weather permitting.  Parents can access Before and After School Care through the south door of the school in the parking lot next to the sports court.