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The Faculty Fund is a parallel effort to our Annual Campaign, with the targeted focus of giving our faculty much deserved additional compensation.
It is important that we recognize and reward the outstanding faculty who work hard to inspire and educate our children.  When you give to the Faculty Fund, you are enriching the lives of our educators.  You are recognizing the hard work and effort our teachers and staff put forth each and every day.  Thank you for your generous contribution toward our faculty!  
Click here to give online at
Please write your check out to Alphonsus Academy and include a note in the memo line, "Faculty Fund".
Mail to:
Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts
ATTN: Advancement Office
1439 W Wellington Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
Call Emily Kirkel, Advancement Manager, at 773-348-4629, ext. 151 to make a gift by credit card over the phone.
Thank you to the generous donors who have made contributions to last year's 2015-16 Teacher Gift Campaign.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Leslie Albrecht
Mr. Faig Aliev and Ms. Firuza Aliyeva
Mr. Barth Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas and Jill Angelopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and Ashley Arthurs
Mr. & Mrs. Zdzislaw Banys and Malgorzata Sypien
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Kirsten Barkley
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Nancy Bein
Mr. David Birks and Ms. Erin Bartholomy
Mr. & Mrs. Sean and Holly Birtch
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Jaclyn Boras
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Natalia Bradley
Mr. Sean Brakeman and Ms. Jennifer Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Cathy Brennan
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Kellie Burke
Ms. Trudy Burkert
Mr. & Mrs. James and Colleen Burnette
Mr. & Mrs. Seamus and Nancy Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. Rito and Jeanette Camarillo
Mr. & Mrs. David and Lyndsay Camins
Mr. & Mrs. Jon and Julie Cartwright
Mr. & Mrs. Justin and Jaime Casciola
Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Heidi Chiappetta
Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Colleen Chinlund
Ms. Gena Cielak
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary and Melissa Clark
Ms. Catherine Clemency
CNA Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Marty and Carrie Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Domenica Corry
Mr. & Mrs. Jason and Kristin Cummins
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Mary DaVanti
Mr. Michael Davis and Mrs. Ingrid Kromer-Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Caspar and Lauren de Wijkerslooth
Mr. & Mrs. James and Lori Deighan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Derhake
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Megan Devaney
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel and Stacy Dilling
Mr. David Dixon and Ms. Cathleen Cudnowski Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. James and Anne Doherty
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Margaret Dolan
Mr. & Mrs. Alan and Lisa Dooley
Mr. John Dunkas and Ms. Teresa Hubka-Dunkas
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan and Mary Durkin
Mr. & Mrs. James and Madeline Durkin
Mr. & Mrs. Miguel and Evelyn Espinal
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Viviane Evanoff
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Jennifer Fardy
Mrs. Kristen Farrell
Fathers' Club
Fidelity Investments
Dr. Thomas Figler and Dr. Jan Jeske
Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Diane Fink
Mr. & Mrs. John and Kimberly Flanagan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Michelle Francisco
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Kimberly Froning
Mr. & Mrs. Thad and Melissa Garver
Mr. & Mrs. David and Caitlin Giles
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond and Elizabeth Grady
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie and Martha Green
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Valerie Grondy
Mr. Paul Grondy and Ms. Susan Salvi
Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Mayte Gutzmer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Mai Britt Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Sarah Hammett
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua and Justine Hanna
Mr. & Mrs. David and Laura Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Christine Henry
Mr. & Mrs. John and Annette Hering
Mr. John Herron and Ms. Melisa Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Javalen Hickey
Mr. & Mrs. Randall and Alyson Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Maria Holcomb
Mr. & Mrs. Darren and Kara Hollis
Mr. & Mrs. David and Jill Hope
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Gemma Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Maria Hopp
Mr. & Mrs. David and Sharon Horos
Mr. & Mrs. John and Patty Hosmer
Mr. RJ Hottovy and Ms. Kate Roskopf
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle and Sally Hunneke
Huron Consulting Services LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Alex and Jeri Ioannou
Mr. Anthony Janairo and Ms. Susanna Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Lee Ann Jarousse
Mrs. Karen Jenni
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Anna Jerabek
JH & ABL Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Sarah Jones
Mr. Chris Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques and Elizabeth Joubert
Mr. & Mrs. Rob and Sue Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. David and Nichole Kerber
Mr. & Mrs. Ross and Erin Kerr
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Bernadette Kettwig
Mr. Richard Keys
Mr. Joseph Kline and Ms. Melissa Manning
Mr. & Mrs. John and Sarajane Koehl
Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Cherisse Lake
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Sarah Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Stacy Lenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Julia Leonard
Dr. King Leong and Dr. Rohini Mendonca
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald and Beth Lepinskas
Mr. & Mrs. John and Denise Leuer
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Luther
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Mr. & Mrs. John and Debbie Martin
Mr. Steve Mater and Ms. Kimberly Huth
Mr. & Mrs. Pete and Sara McMurray
Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Wendy Meadows
Mr. & Mrs. William and Susan Merten
Mr. & Mrs. Dave and Pam Millett
Mr. Bob Miltenberger and Ms. Colleen Brennan
Mr. Brian Miske and Ms. Megan Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. John and Blaguna Monik
Mr. Todd Morgan and Ms. Pauline Fijalkiewicz
Mothers' Club
Mr. Scott Mulcahy and Ms. Cynthia Safford
Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Amanda Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Amy Neiman
Mr. & Mrs. Erik and Paige Nejman
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Stephanie Newton
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Laura Nocera
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon and Amanda Nunnink
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Katie O'Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Penelope O'Neil
Mr. & Mrs. Donal and Kathleen Ogilvie
Ms. Perla Ordonez
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Carrie Ott
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Cherilynn Panko
Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Marcia Pauly
Pepsico Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Kathleen Perreault
Ms. Siri Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Debra Petracca
Mrs. Lisa Pilcher
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Kristine Prugh
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Pamela Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Tracie Radtke
Ms. Kathleen Ravotti
Mr. Andrew Ray and Ms. Sara Buchen-Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Kelly Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Emily Rhomberg
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Paula Rittereiser
Mr. & Mrs. Jason and Laura Rizzo
Ms. Pat Roa-Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Melissa Roch
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Catherine Roggow
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald and Christine Roman
Roscoe Village Chamber Of Commerce
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Eliza Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Ellen Rossi
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Jennifer Ruff
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Suzanne Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Christine Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Patrice Scelzo
Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Bethany Scheiner
Mr. & Mrs. Derek and Jessica Schnack
Mr. Glenn Schumacher and Ms. Marianne Kwiatkowski
Mr. & Mrs. Raul and Christie Sese
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Agnese Shaughnessy
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Anne Shutler
Side Street Saloon
Mr. Jim Siwek and Ms. Maureen O'Malley
Mr. & Mrs. Adam and Lindsay Skibley
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas and Renee Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Theresa Smith
Mr. Stephen Smith and Ms. Angela Soliz
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Cindy Smosna
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan and Kara Snell
Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Allison Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Anne Stockton
Mr. Robert Stone and Ms. Heidi Reitmaier
Mr. & Dr. Andrew and Jessica Strang
Mr. & Mrs. John and Radka Superson
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond and Mary Lou Tallud
The Bank Of America Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jason and Renee Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Tristan and Erika Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Terry Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. John and Robyn Tolva
Mr. & Mrs. William and Laura Topp
Trading Technologies
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Alma Treichel
Mr. & Mrs. John and Amanda Turnbull
Ms. Jenna Van Weelden
Mr. Scott Vanderbeek
Mr. John Veland
Mr. & Mrs. Allen and Donna Villanueva
Mrs. Victoria Villanueva
Ms. Kelly Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Megan Weber
Mr. & Mrs. George and Jenna Wedemeyer
Mrs. Krista White
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Sara Woll
Mr. & Mrs. Faisal and Sanah Yasin
Mr. Patrick Zann and Ms. Trina Andrews

*Donors as of June 8, 2016
As a 501 (C) (3), not-for-profit institution, gifts made to Alphonsus Academy 
are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. (Federal Tax ID #36-1721270)