For more information on Tots 2023-24, contact Shari Williams, Tots Teacher, at swilliams@alphonsusacademy.org.

    The AACA Tots Program is designed to provide two-year-old children with an introduction to a structured learning environment that allows them to begin the transition from home to school.  During the program, children are both cognitively and socially stimulated, so that they begin to understand some of the basic components of school-based learning, such as transitioning smoothly from one activity to another or taking directions from an adult, other than his or her parents.  Our program also provides an opportunity for children to begin to understand the dynamics of structured play while interacting with a number of other children.

    The program is offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  Parents can choose to attend one or two days a week.  In order to maintain an intimate learning environment that is comfortable and safe for both the children and adults in the class, we will limit our Tots class size. 

    The daily schedule begins at 8:00 a.m. when children and parents may enter the Tots Room.  If you are on campus before this time, please do not enter the classroom as this is the teachers’ preparation time. Class will dismiss at 10:00 a.m., when all children, parents and caregivers will exit the room so that clean-up and preparation for the following day may begin.

    1 Day Program: $1,600 per year
    2 Day Program: $3,000 per year

    Siblings who are 12 to 23 months old can attend for an additional $140 (1 day per week) or $270 (2 days per week).   We recognize that some families have babies or younger siblings who are not quite old enough to participate but must be brought to the program. When a child is mobile and able to participate in the program, we will ask parents to pay a minimal fee for the mobile sibling who attends. However, if a younger sibling is not mobile and is in a car carrier or other carrying device, no fee is charged. 

    One of the focal aspects of our Tots Program is to provide a special time for mothers, fathers, or caregivers to interact with their child in a way that is different from interactions in a typical home.  Parents are asked to help engage their child during class time and are expected to supervise their child(ren) at all times.  

    In some situations, a caregiver attends the Tots program with the child in their care. In order to ensure communication with the parents of the child, the Tots teacher will send bi-monthly student ‘progress notes’ home to share recent observations and progress about each child. These notes will be sent home only to families of children who attend exclusively with a caregiver.

    Use this link to be taken directly to the online Tots application.