Each family is required to perform 20 hours of service within the parish (school or church) community. Families with student-athletes are required to volunteer an additional 8 hours within the athletics program.
    A fee will be charged for any unserved hours as per the tuition policy. 

    Last year, we had a limited number of volunteers due to Covid protocols.  Most of our volunteer accounts were suspended during this time. We plan to have more volunteers in place this year.

    If you’d like to volunteer, you must complete the following requirements per the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for the Protection of Children and Youth.

    1. CBC: Criminal background check run through Virtus online as part of the Virtus registration process. Rechecked every three years through Virtus. You will be prompted to complete/update this when you log in to your Virtus account.
      • If your volunteer account was suspended, Connie Del Toral will assist you with re-activating and updating your volunteer account (cdeltoral@aaca.school).
      • New users, please set up your account at Virtus online, selecting “Chicago” as your Archdiocese and “Alphonsus Academy” as your site.


    1. CANTS 689: Yearly check of the central registry of Department of Children and Family Services. Return paper form to cdeltoral@aaca.school


    1. PGC: Virtus’s Protecting God’s Children training session. Register and attend within 15 days of beginning volunteering. KPA: Virtus’s Keeping the Promise Alive three-year online recertification. You will be prompted to complete/update this when you log in to your Virtus account. Please note, through the end of August, this training will be available ONLINE. After that it will return to in-person sessions. 


    1. MRT: Mandated Reporter Training from State of IL training website. Re-certified every three years, including re-signing the Acknowledgment Form (CANTS 22). Return your certificate and form to cdeltoral@aaca.school


    1. ASB: Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior for Church Personnel Working with Minors and Vulnerable Adults (formerly Code of Conduct). Read and signed and re-acknowledged yearly through Virtus. You will be prompted to complete this when you log in to your Virtus account.

    Contact Connie Del Toral cdeltoral@aaca.school with ANY questions.  Thank you!



    • Training must be completed within 60 days of beginning work
    • Recertification is required every five years
    • Coaches must complete IESA Concussion Certification every two years.  

    Athletic Director Angela Kladis will provide information to coaches.