The arts pathways are set up so that middle school students’ interests determine their arts classes, while ensuring that students continue their education in AACA’s core arts disciplines of music, drama, and visual art. Each year students are required to enroll in one music class (choir, band, or other music class), one drama class (drama or select media arts classes), and one visual art class (visual or media arts).  All students take at least one additional arts class based on their interest. All arts pathway classes meet twice a week, and students are enrolled in two arts classes each trimester. Band and choir require a commitment for the entire year (or 3 trimesters). Drama, art (both visual and media), and other music classes are offered as trimester-long opportunities.  

    5th and 6th Grade Arts Pathways Classes

    5-6 Grade Pathways


    7th and 8th Grade Arts Pathways Classes

    7-8th Grade Pathways