The Arts Council is a division of the AACA Advisory Board that works in conjunction with the Department of Arts + Culture, to focus on providing oversight and governance of the arts programming, supporting parent outreach and involvement by sponsoring a variety of extra-curricular arts programming events, developing relationships within the Chicago arts community, and delivering ongoing communication regarding connections between AACA's arts programming and educational goals.
    The AACA Arts Council seeks to deepen our children's connection to the world through exposure and deep critical engagement with the arts, culture, community and civic society through the involvement in extra-curricular opportunities, and support of AACA artists in residence and classroom teachers. 
    The AACA Arts Council seeks to support the school and its integrated arts ambitions to ensure a curiosity about the world and communities inside and outside of AACA, to enable deep critical and creative thinking, and to encourage every student to be a proactive, responsible and articulate civic and cultural participant in the City of Chicago. 
    Our focus is to: 
    • support the integration of the arts into the Core Curriculum;
    • increase access to Chicago's rich and diverse creative communities and cultures;
    • ensure that all programs and curriculum prioritize critical inquiry, creative thinking & curiosity, and process rather than product;
    • develop and support activities that continue to build confidence and discipline, and to inspire authentic connections in other areas;
    • enable greater social and emotional learning within each child.