AACA partners with Catapult Learning, a private company, to provide Title 1 support for students through our school's Title 1 teacher.  
    Title 1 is a federally-funded program that serves elementary and secondary students.  The program was created under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) to provide supplemental academic services so that all children have the opportunity to have a quality education.
    Our Title 1 teacher and the child's classroom teacher work together to create a support plan that will benefit the student in their classroom.  Title 1 support is offered in the form of pull-out sessions where a group of students meet twice a week for thirty minutes a session.  Students receive instruction in either math or reading, depending on their area of need.
    There are two requirements that make a student eligible for Title 1 services: a student must live in the attendance area of a Title 1 public elementary or high school and a student must show academic need.  Academic need is based on standardized tests scores, teacher/school referral, and grades on their report card.

    Rima Baltutis

    Learning Specialist, Preschool & Title I Teacher